About Us

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. is a team of dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience, providing turnkey solutions for a diverse range of medium and large scale International Projects.

Making the Environment a Priority

  • Water Exploration, Effective Treatment, Diversion & Distribution
  • Innovative Irrigation Pumping Solutions
  • Cost Effective Solid & Liquid Waste Treatment & Remediation
  • Incorporating New Technologies for Pollution Control, Air Quality Monitoring & Treatment
  • Land Stabilization & Reclamation
  • Forming Alliances with Local Stakeholders for Beneficial & Sustainable Development

Major Civil & Mechanical Projects

  • Strong Project Management & Monitoring Services
  • Effective Design Build for New Project and Existing Facility Upgrades
  • Specializing in roads, bridges, airports, shopping centres, hotels and commercial developments
  • Implementing alternative eco and clean energy solutions with wind and solar power
  • Incorporating consultation, design, architecture, engineering & construction services
  • Introducing innovative new technologies to help reduce costs & provide value based solutions
  • Utilizing a strong integrated team approach - from start to finish to ensure SUCCESS

Developing Natural Resources - Oil & Gas Sector

  • Oil Exploration & Production
  • Delivery of raw and refined product through state-of-the-art pipelines
  • Ensuring cost effective delivery and logistics with safety and security priorities
  • Focusing on local based strategies and solutions
  • Implementing cutting edge technologies

Our Vision:

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. is a trusted world leader in major construction projects, infrastructure development and the delivery of oil, gas, wind and solar energy to the appropriate markets - on time and on budget.

Our Mission:

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. has the personnel, resources, equipment, history, administrative support and processes to execute projects on various scales. We deliver construction solutions in a safe, reliable, innovative and cost effective manner, providing a collaborative, stable, and rewarding work environment for our team members while positively supporting our business partners in the villages, cities, regions and countries that we work in.

We are conscientious, caring and respectful of the environment surrounding our projects with specific attention to property and the livelihood of those residing in the area. By using the "good neighbour" approach, we support and empower local businesses by making a positive and lasting contribution in the community.