Declan Onyeajuwa
Chief Executive Officer

Declan had a distinguished career with the state owned Power Holding Company of Nigeria from 1983 until his retirement with many high level positions from Senior Electrical Engineer, Manager System Planning, Senior Manager and Principal Manager. He was an active member of many company diverse committees during his time and also had the opportunity to stay current in his field by attending many courses and seminars in various countries. He has also been a teacher and guest instructor throughout the years.

Declan received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in Canada from the University ofManitoba in Winnipeg.

Rod Porteous
Chief Operating Officer

Rod has over 30 years of proven experience in the construction industry with international project management experience and a track record of reducing costs and risks, strict quality control plus` improving safety. His natural leadership skills build sold relationships with architects, engineers, government agencies, contractors and other strategic partners.

Rod has held many supervisory roles including: Construction Manager, Senior and Deputy Project Manager, Managing Director and Operations Manager.

Chris Chukwukaodinaka

Chris is the driving force behind Trinity International, with the creativity and determination needed to keep the company vision in motion. His dynamic personality, moral standards and high level of integrity help ensure that the Trinity team is always inspired.

His sharp entrepreneurial skills have helped him create new relationships and connect commodity sellers from local Nigeria and West African markets with buyers from Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Norway and China.

Chris studied Public Administration at the University of Calabar in Nigeria and has ambitious plans to create a philanthropic foundation to provide assistance to African and Third World communities that he is involved with.

Evang. Ignatius Ezebigbo
Public Relation Officer

Ignatius is an author, publisher and powerful speaker with a message of hope to inspire audiences of all ages. His writing abilities have allowed him to share many personal stories of sacrifice, despair, triumph and joy. His planning and organizational skills are an asset to managing projects.

Ignatius received his diploma in Theology from the Emmaus School of Evangization, Isse-luku, Delta State, Nigeria.

Dr. Ebirim Obinna
Director of Communication & Government Liaison

Obinna is a results oriented medical doctor with 4 years experience in the Nigerian public health system. His areas of involvement include clinical health, health policy-making, technical assistance, political engagement and social media advocacy. He is a reliable team player with strong leadership skills.

Dr. Ebirim has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Antony Lalichan
Project Manager

Anthony has 23 years of extensive experience in the oil and gas industry with a proven track record of managing large and small projects in diverse locales worldwide. His key objective has been to ensure high levels of productivity while maintaining a safe multi-disciplinary work environment using the “One Team” concept.

Anthony has had held a wide range of supervisory roles including Construction Manager, Facility Project Coordinator, Project Execution Lead, Lead Project Engineer, Senior Project/Construction Engineer, Construction Projects Engineer and Construction Engineer.

Anthony holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as diplomas in Project Management, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Communication Skills.

Damian Emesowum
Assistant Project Manager

Damian completed many short and long term infrastructure projects for the Nigerian AGIP Oil Company during the past 14 years with a diverse range of responsibilities including extensive planning, organising, monitoring and reporting to ensure successful completion. His positions have included Project Coordinator and Civil Works Site Supervisor/Coordinator with the focus on civil works and solving technical challenges in the oil industry.

Damian obtained his B.Eng. in Civil Engineering (2nd Class Honours) from the Federal University of Technology in Imo State, Nigeria.

James Ugochukwu
IT and Field Support

James is a resourceful, dynamic and results oriented individual with strong interpersonal and communication skills. He has a background of network administration and is Cisco Certified.

James received his B. Eng. in Electrical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka Anambra State, Nigeria.

Emokiniovo Otarigho
VP of Environmental & Field Safety Practices

Emokiniovo is a dynamic Human Resource Professional and pro-active expert in Safety. His passion to preserve the environment in Nigeria’s oil and gas industries compelled him to become a Health Safety and Environment (HSE) officer and later a supervisor. He has contributed greatly in making and implementing corporate policies on environmental protection.

Emokiniovo is a member of the Nigerian Red Cross Society and is an advocate for youth self development through the YALI Network as well as other youth and leadership networks within the UN platform. He is also an iReporter for CNN, where he plays the role of freelance citizen journalism in his spare time.

He has held positions as Operations Assistant, Safety Manager, Operations Manager,Safety Officer/Advisor and Administrative Officer.

Emokiniovo obtained his B.A. (Hons) from Delta State University and a Masters in Psychology from University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Ozioma Obasi
VP of Equipment & Logistics

Ozioma has been a teacher and school councillor at National Technical Secondary School in Nigeria. His recent position as manager of the NGO, Global Dream Foundation shows his commitment to the humanitarian cause in Africa.

Ozioma obtained his B.Sc. in Public Administration from the University of Calabar in Calabar, Nigeria.

Christy Ibhade
Legal Counsel

Christy has been working as a Solicitor, Advocates and Notary Public for the past 8 years. Her strong drive and vision have helped her with preparing for and appearing in court as well as handling arbitration and negotiation for her clients. She is currently a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigerian Institute of Management.

Christy obtained her LLB (Hons) from Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Nigeria and her BL from Nigerian Law School in Abuja, Nigeria..