Dr. Chukwukaodinaka C. Egbujor

About Us

Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd is an independent construction company owned by employee shareholders around the globe. As a diversified general contractor of major projects, Trinity draws strength from its past, having started out in 2012 as a privately owned company by Dr. Chukwukaodinaka C. Egbujor specializing in civil earthworks. After his passing, the insights handed down from him to his children made it possible for the company to continue.

Trinity is not just another bureaucratic corporation but rather a passionate family business with a purpose and high expectations for long term success. It has earned a reputation for delivering quality results with integrity while treating clients and employees with honesty and respect. Having the required strategic resources and contacts in place, Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd. is well positioned to continue building an impressive legacy.

Our Vision:

Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd. delivers worldwide construction solutions for large scale civil and mechanical construction projects, environmental remediation and treatment, oil and gas development plus alternative energy solutions.

Our Mission:

Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd. is a caring and conscientious company that implements cost effective construction solutions utilizing innovative technology in a safe, collaborative and rewarding work environment for our employees and the ultimate benefit of our business partners.

We evaluate each project's priorities regardless of size by utilizing our experienced personnel, extensive resources, available equipment and administrative support.  We pay careful attention to the environment, property and the livelihood of those residing near each project. We make a positive and lasting contribution in the community by supporting and empowering local businesses in the villages, cities, regions and countries that we work in.

A Personal Message from CEO Declan Onyeajuwa

I want to start by saying how honoured I am to be the CEO guiding this incredible company.

In the Fall of 1976, I left Nigeria to study at Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In 1978, I graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Technology. That same year I was admitted to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Manitoba and went on to graduate in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. I came back to Nigeria to answer the National call of the one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.  In 1983, at the end of the NYSC program, I secured employment with National Electric Power Authority (NEPA), which is the now defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). I rose through the ranks there to become an Assistant General Manager of System Development. During my time I was fortunate enough to travel to places like California, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Ghana, Namibia, Niamey, Atlanta, Togo and Benin.

Why then did I want to be the CEO of Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd. instead of staying in retirement? This company was inherited from the late Chief Dr. Chukwukaodinaka C. Egbujor who was a very good friend of mine, my mentor and a great philanthropist. He originally bought Habbis Ventures Holdings back in 2012 and had planned to run it much longer than anticipated before handing it over to his children but since we do not know when our time on earth ends, his passing away changed his plans. Habbis Ventures Holdings has now been changed to Trinity International Construction & Energy Ltd. and his two sons, Dr. Martin Chukwukaodinaka and Mr. Chrysanthus Chukwukaodinaka have agreed to continue the legacy of their father. I accepted this appointment for three reasons: to lead a company with a compelling vision, to capitalize on great business opportunities and to work with talented people.

I believe this company has the potential to showcase tremendous capabilities and I am committed to making it one of the best companies in Africa that I will ever be associated with.

Our job here at Trinity will be to deliver results. Everything we undertake will add value and contribute to our success. I expect that we will become a leader in our market - highly respected in our industry, feared by our competitors and loved by our clients.

In conclusion, we have a sustainable competitive advantage from our inspired and committed people working together for a common cause with the entire universe as our playground. By making a positive contribution to communities that benefit from our projects, we stand to touch the lives of many.

Thanks for your support.

Engr. Onyeajuwa Declan

Chief Executive Officer