About Us

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. is a company that offers comprehensive services for various international and local projects, with a team of experienced professionals.

Making the Environment a Priority

Exploring Water Sources, Efficient Water Treatment, Diversion and Distribution

Innovative Water Pumping Solutions for Irrigation

Affordable Treatment and Cleanup of Solid and Liquid Waste

Using Advanced Technologies for Controlling Pollution, Monitoring Air Quality and Treating it

Stabilizing Land and Restoring it to a Usable State

Partnering with Local Interest Groups for Positive and Sustainable Growth

Major Civil & Mechanical Projects

We offer strong project management and monitoring services and specialize in design-build for new projects and upgrades to existing facilities, including roads, bridges, airports, shopping centers, hotels, and commercial developments. Our services incorporate eco-friendly and clean energy solutions utilizing wind and solar power, and we offer a full range of consultation, design, architecture, engineering, and construction services. Our innovative approach and use of new technologies helps to reduce costs and provide value-based solutions. Our team works closely together from start to finish to ensure successful outcomes.

Developing Natural Resources - Oil & Gas Sector

Delivery of raw and refined product through state-of-the-art pipelines

Ensuring cost effective delivery and logistics with safety and security priorities

Focusing on local based strategies and solutions

Implementing cutting edge technologies

Our Vision:

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. is a reputable global company that specializes in major construction projects, infrastructure development, and the distribution of energy sources such as oil, gas, wind, and solar power. They ensure that all their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our Mission:

Trinity International Energy & Construction Ltd. is a construction company equipped with experienced personnel, ample resources, and advanced equipment. We provide construction services that prioritize safety, reliability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to create a supportive and enjoyable work environment for our employees and to positively impact the communities where we work. We are mindful of our environmental impact and considerate of local residents and businesses. We aim to be good neighbors and make a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we work by supporting local businesses.

Oil exploration and production involves delivering both raw and refined oil products through modern pipelines. The focus is on cost-effectiveness while prioritizing safety and security. Local strategies and solutions are emphasized and cutting-edge technologies are used to ensure success.